kolmapäev, 17. detsember 2014

Looking for a beekeeper!

Muhe Mesi Ltd is looking for a beekeeper!

We are a fast growing beefarm in Estonia with our main focus on effective honey production and 

bulk sales. Our main working area where more than 600 beehives are spread out is located 

approximately 1 hour drive from Tallinn.

We are hiring a beekeeper:

If you come with previous experience in a professional beefarm, you cope well with the seasonal 

heavy workload and you are motivated and eager to delevelop your beekeeping skills together with 

our dream team – that’s the job for you.

We are prepared to offer accomodation in the proximity of the beefarm in addition to the salary 

according to your skills.

Your CV, motivation letter and salary requirements should be e-mailed by 15.01.2015: 


The position is availiable from Spring 2015

Additional information: Mart Kullamaa, muhe.mesi@gmail.com, +372 555 68 723

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